Repurposed Coconut Bowls & Spoons Gift Set


Coconut Bowls  are 100% organic, natural, biodegradable, sustainably produced, vegan & compostable.

No chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of our bowls.


We are offering 2 uniques patterns- Original and Leaf etched


Every item in this set is handmade and 100% natural. Our coconut bowls are protected using coconut oil so they stay looking great for longer.


These coconut bowls are made using reclaimed coconuts that would otherwise be burned after harvest. They help to provide a well needed second income for some of Vietnam's most impoverished communities.


They are a perfect eco friendly gift packaged to create a memorable present for anyone who receives it.



Our bowls are etched by local craftsmen in the Ben Tre region of Vietnam which is famed for it’s coconuts. Each bowl is handpicked from the thickest and highest quality coconuts. 


FOOD GRADE CERTIFIED: and no chemicals and no pesticides are used when growing the coconuts.


PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING: Our natural coconut bowl sets come packaged in a gift box made from recycled cardboard. Our bowls are wrapped in paper and sat on a bed of recycled shredded filling to protect them and we include an information card that tells you all about where your product came from.


100% Natural Product:


Care & Usage: Coconut Bowls are a natural product and need love and care. Please do not put your bowls in the dishwasher. 


Please Note: Your Coconut Bowls and spoons are completely natural and may vary slightly in size, colour and shape.