Plant Based Leather Book Marks (Set Of 5)


BEJO Pinatex Leather Book Marks are hand

embroidered,small, easy to fit, and minimalistic.

The bookmark ensures that you never have to miss

a page.

Pick up right where you left. Its a great gifting solution as well.

-Made with sustainable, pineapple leaf fiber,leather alternative.

-Hand Embroidered and handcrafted in India.

-Beautiful Gifting Solution.

-Highly Durable, functional , stylish and sustainable.

 -Size- 6 inches  x 4 inches.

-Comes in a set of 5 , just for 26 Pounds.

-You can mention the color  options in the custom Column.

- Free shipping.

- At Bejo, each and everyday is celebrated at Earth day, our products as well as packaging is 100% sustainable and eco friendly. It comes in FSC certified Paper Boxes. Isn't that Great!!