Plant Based Eco-friendly Passport Covers (Set Of 2)


For all those travel enthusiasts out there, Bejo’s passport cover is a must-have accessory designed to be fashionable, functional & sustainable. A travel companion that keeps your passport safe and secure with ‘oomph.’

- Made with Pineapple Leaf Fiber, Leather alternative.

- Eco friendly and sustainable.

-The cover is hand crafted and hand embroidered on BAUHAUS theme, by the skilled artisans of India.

-Its Handy, light weight, stylish and sustainable.

- Comes in a set of 2 , just for 35 pounds.

- Please specify your preferred colors in custom option.

-Free shipping.

-At Bejo, each and everyday is celebrated at Earth day, our products as well as packaging is 100% sustainable and eco friendly. It comes in FSC certified Paper Boxes. Isn't that Great!!