Afia - 100% organic lip balm - Smyra


Lemon, Orange & Bergamot

Zingy, zingy, zingy. Apart from smelling like a fresh cocktail, this lip balm contains amazing beneficial ingredients.

Whilst lightening the lips, lemon oil also detoxifies. This leaves your lips feeling fresh and clean. The antiseptic properties help in treating and clearing the skin whilst the numerous vitamins encourage the overall health of your lips.

Similar to lemon oil, orange oil has many nutritional benefits. However, it also benefits you as a mood booster and anti-depressant, helping you feel energised and uplifted.

Bergamot oil is in the family of citrus fruits. The oil is highly beneficial in aroma therapy and is perfect for giving your senses and skin a treat. Whilst stimulating blood circulation, bergamot also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents naturally fighting all the nasties.

Also, placed in plastic-free pots this product is kind to the environment and is made with ethically-sourced ingredients! Organic, vegan, cruelty-free and loving

Tip: If you have a stubborn pimple come up, use a dab of this Smyra on it before bed