Sustainability is at the heart of VALYOS, which is why we restrict what can and cannot be sold on the platform.

This policy is a part of our Usage Terms. By listing items for sale on VALYOS, you are agreeing to this policy and our Usage Terms.


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What you can sell

What you can sell

~ All secondhand and vintage items.

~ Items made from any type of recycled or salvaged materials.

~ Items made from natural materials, that have been sourced sustainably and ethically*
    This includes, but is not limited to: 
    ~ Wood 
    ~ Bamboo
    ~ Stones
    ~ Metals
    ~ Gemstones
    ~ Clay 
    ~ Shells 
    ~ Glass 
    ~ Natural rubber
    ~ Plants
    ~ Wool, cashmere and silk

~ Items made from certified organic materials*
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    ~ Organic linen
    ~ Organic hemp
    ~ Organic cotton
    ~ Organic rubber
    ~ Organic cork
    ~ Organic plants and seeds
    ~ Organic wool
    ~ Organic silk
    ~ Organic cashmere
    ~ Organic cow leather
    ~ Organic meat for pet products

~ Items containing new plastic
    This only includes:
    ~ Secondhand
    ~ Recycled*
    ~ Eco Nylon 3*
    ~ Beauty products offering a refill service or containing 100% recyclable plastics.

* Documentation is required for approval.

What you cannot sell

~ Items made from natural materials, that are not organic or have not been sourced sustainably or ethically.

~ Items containing any types of new plastic.
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    ~ Polyester
    ~ Nylon (Except for Eco Nylon 3)
    ~ Fleece
    ~ Rayon
    ~ Organza
    ~ Taffeta
    ~ Spandex, lycra or elastane
    ~ Acrylic
    ~ PVC or PU

This also applies to labels as well as packaging.

~ Items containing fur or any leather except for organic, recycled or salvaged cow leather.

Please get in contact, if you have any questions.