What are sustainable products?
There are a number of different sustainable products available today. It can be a bit of a jungle finding what you need, which is why this marketplace was created in the first place. Some of the products we have/will have (but are not limited to) include biodegradable, made to order, pre-owned or vintage, or products made from natural, non toxic, organic, reclaimed, recycled, salvaged, upcycled or vegan materials.
What is ethical about this marketplace, besides the products?
Our 6 core beliefs run through everything we do. They are:

1. Have a low environmental impact.

2. Bring together sustainable brands with eco conscious consumers.

3. Be inclusive of all, no matter who they are.

4. Educate rather than judge.

5. Support charities.

6. Be kind.

You can read more about our ethical marketplace.
Why can't I find any sales or discount offers here?
Compulsive shopping is a real addiction similar to gambling, drinking and smoking. There are different levels of this addiction from the compulsive shopaholic, who shops to relieve feelings of emotional distress, to the bargain hunter, who buys things they do not need, but simply because they are cheap. An estimate of 5% of UK shoppers and a slightly higher number in the US have an addiction, so this is not a disease that should be taken lightly.

With overconsumption and overproduction having a massively negative effect on the environment, we've decided to not support the buying of things, when they are not needed. We encourage our sellers to price their products reasonably, and they can lower their prices, whenever they wish to. However, through our platform it will not be advertised as a sale or a discount offer.
Why do you sell leather products?
In an ideal world where there would no longer be any byproducts from the meat industry, we would not offer any leather goods except for pre-owned and vintage. However, as that unfortunately is not currently the case, we believe it's better to find a use for byproducts rather than wasting it. A strict criteria is, it has to be a byproduct and vegetable tanned, for it to be listed. Products made from furs, exotic leathers or ones that have used animal testing are not allowed.