what are our values?

Our 6 core beliefs run through everything we do.

  • Low Environmental Impact

    We pledge to do our utmost to have the smallest environmental impact with an aim to become carbon negative and zerowaste.

  • Working Together

    Introducing sustainable brands to eco conscious consumers is part of our goal to change the landscape of e-commerce.

  • Inclusivity

    No matter what your background is, your race, identity, age, physical ability, or where you are based in this world, you are valued.

  • Don't Judge, Educate

    Through information we encourage all our sellers and customers to include more sustainable practices into their everyday.

  • Support Others

    So many organisations do vital work to protect this planet, its wildlife or fight for social justice. We support that.

  • Be Kind

    Kindness is at the heart of everything we do, and sums up the other 5 beliefs. Kindness to the planet, to others and ourselves.

  • Join our ethical marketplace

    Become part of our journey and meet other likeminded people.

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