The greenest tee ever made
Jul 2020

The latest sustainable brand to join the VALYOS community is the B Corporation and Fairtrade certified brand, The Good Tee. They are all about crafting premium quality organic products, while keeping the planet and people in mind. 

Unlike many fashion brands, The Good Tee openly share information about their supply chain. Each garment can be traced back to the farmer, who grew its fibre, the mills that produced its fabric and yarn all the way to the factory, that manufactured it. 

What makes them stand out even further, is that they evaluate sustainability by looking at the different phases of a product’s life cycle. Where they identify areas that most effectively reduces an environmental and social impact, they take action to create a sustainable, 100% transparent supply chain that supports fair trade. This includes the production of raw material, garment manufacturing, transportation, delivery, to how it’s worn and disposed of.


The Good Tee Founder, Adila Cokar, is a media-acclaimed, award-winning serial entrepreneur and author of the recently release book, Source My Garment - The Insider’s Guide to Responsible Offshore Marketing. She has over a decade of experience working with offshore garment and focuses her time on sharing stories of overseas makers, fostering relations and attaining complete supply chain transparency. 

Starting from seed to the finished garment, most of the manufacturing processes are done overseas. This makes it easy for people to forget that clothes are still made by people. She believes it’s important for a company to understand the relationship the brand has with its manufacturing team and be able to share their stories with the customers. 

Yes, clothing is still made by humans and not machines.

by Adila Cokar, Founder of The Good Tee

It’s Adila’s mission to remind the world that garment factories are not run by machines; they are run by people. It is her goal to humanise factories and the value of their products. Together, designers, factories, and consumers can all be part of a triple bottom line: Profit. Planet. People.

Photo taken January 2019 at Factory Astro, India. Left to right - Shweta, Jancy, Adila (the founder) and Jina.

We are thrilled to have The Good Tee on board and being able to support Adila on her mission. You can find their beautiful designs below. 

Shop from The Good Tee

Ships worldwide from Canada. Free shipping on orders over £90.

Relaxed Fit Tee

Coconut Button Tee

Slim Fit Crewneck

Unisex Ringer Tee

Baby Tee

Baby Trousers

3/4 Sleeve V-neck

Unisex T-shirt

Slim Fit Long Sleeve

See The Good Tee's whole collection here

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