The eco friendly life coach that will help transform your home and your consciousness
Jun 2020

Meet UK Newcomer Rebekah Naylor, who describes her business as a clash between her two obsessions, Eco Living and Organisation

A recent transplant to West Yorkshire from Los Angeles Rebekah is navigating a new life here in the UK and finding her feet in the English Eco Business world with her new venture, Easy Green Eco Life Coaching.

Her unique blended concept seeks to help people find better balanced living by avoiding over accumulation of belongings, letting go of what doesn’t serve them and introducing a new simpler more efficient and sustainable way of living that compliments them, their home and the planet in ways they might never have thought possible.

Rebekah’s refreshing take on home decluttering and organisation that encourages her clients to take on Eco-Friendly products and practices that fit easily into their lives, while introducing them to new innovative ways to use less, reuse, recycle, change old habits and form a stronger overall connection and mindful approach towards the things they use and have. 

Merging an organised home with environmentalism

“I’ve always been crazy about organisation around the home”, says Reb, “but what’s the point of being organised if you’re creating chaos by tossing things out into the world without thought or consequence?”.

With grand ideas about how people can effect great change for themselves and the world at large, Reb set out to blend the two ideas of running an organised efficient home and ethical environmentalism into one great concept that somehow actually manages to take the day to day running of the home environment and not only simplify it but create a relationship between the person or family and the way they interact with their belongings and how those things interact or effect the world and environment.  

“Changing the way we relate to things and making a connection to the entire life cycle of a product or a practice we adopt forces us to widen our view to not only consider the time we have use for something but to also where it ends up when we’re done with it and the consequences of its entire existence”

Reb believes when we adopt a stronger sense of connection to the things we buy and use then we don’t just see them in the here and now but in the bigger sense of where they end up.

“When I clean my house with a harsh chemical product, sure it might solve the issue at hand and quickly remove the mess or stain. But how did the production of that product effect the environment? How much plastic is the container made of? Where will it end up and for how long? What are the consequences of that product when I mindlessly wash it down the drain? I must realise I have entered into a sequence of actions that all have a consequence, even after I think my part is over and I’m onto something else having forgotten what I’ve set in motion. That chemical is still on its journey, probably towards the ocean and I still have some part in that”  

This might be really obvious to some, but you might be surprised just how many people don’t think about that, it’s just not the norm yet, but that’s exactly what this mission is all about. Opening new eyes and hearts to the Eco-Conscious mindset. The broadening of our consciousness to reach outside of ourselves, our homes and out into the world and do better.

“My favourite saying is ‘There is no such place as away, everything has to go somewhere’ which if you sit with that for a moment you really do begin to feel the gravity of everything that has ever passed through your hands and your life. I believe by helping people sort out and make better connections with what they have and what they use, I can really help people better understand what they really need and how to make those things work better in their life and make a change in the world through each and every practice. And hopefully this will become habit and will be passed on to children as normal, unconscious (conscious) behaviours”

And if that wasn’t enough the 8-year Vegan and Plant Based veteran brings her knowledge and know how to offer Plant Based Living and Coaching services to her clients looking to take the next step and ultimate Eco Life upgrade by starting on the road to a more Plant Based diet.

There seems to be a great energy and momentum towards change flowing through everything Reb does. A great enthusiasm to help people and to spark excitement and joy in them with regards to how they live and function.

This is a labor of love and a quest if you will to achieve great changes for the world and for people’s lives. To shake things up and watch the ripple effect flow down through generations long after her and her company are gone.

“My greatest achievement will hopefully be as some long forgotten crazy lady who once upon a time taught someone’s great great grandmother a long time ago a better way to live and connect to the world around her and she passed those ways down and somehow they stuck and it’s just how we do things here in the year 3020... wouldn’t that be cool?”

Find out more about Reb and her company ‘Easy Green Eco Life Coaching’ and connect with her on her Instagram.


Easy Green Eco Life Coaching

Find out more about Reb and her company ‘Easy Green Eco Life Coaching’ and connect with her on her Instagram. 

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