Slow Fashion Season 2020
Jun 2020

England has reopened its highstreets, is it an opportunity to rethink our fashion choices? Will we go back to ‘normal’?

The fast fashion industry is built on racist and environmentally degrading structures. Slow Fashion Season is calling people to take a stand against this system and commit to making conscious choices for 3 months. It is time to take action, actions that speak louder than words and build a crowd for change.

Industries have been brought to a standstill

This pandemic has brought our industries to a standstill and we have an opportunity to walk into a better world. A world where we use our 2020 vision (credit: Probably Tom Foolery) and ask ourselves what conscious choices we should make every day? Often people feel isolated in their desire to make a change, like they are just a drop in the ocean. 

With crowdacting campaigns, the platform CollAction asks people to commit to collective personal actions. Now they are asking people to make conscious choices for 3 months to create social tipping points and inspire political change. The campaign started with a local movement of 2500 people in the Netherlands in 2018, is now growing and reaching people from Finland to South Africa, Taiwan to the United States. 

The evidence is there. The current fashion industry relies on racism and environmental degradation to survive.

Facts highlighting the racist structures and environmental degradation in fast fashion have been shared time and time again. Stories of the modern day slavery at the Rana Plaza and stats on how many litres it takes to make one cotton t-shirt (2.700 litres) are some of the examples. 

Environmentalists such as Mikaela Loach and Aja Barber have been talking about racism within the fashion industry for years. Fashion Revolution has been working with the industry to reform. Journalist Lucy Siegel has been raising the alarm on the environmental impacts. The UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee released recommended policy reforms last year that were rejected by the government.

Despite this work during the pandemic the industry has continued to treat workers poorly (source: ASOS not following social distancing) and not pay for cancelled orders (source: ReMake). In addition, the Black Lives Matter Movement has shown how much white people have to Unlearn to ensure we remove racism from every part of our collective lives (credit: Rachel Cargle). The UK has seen an outpouring from friends, families, businesses and communities intent on changing our world. 

Whether we are already making Conscious Choices or not, Slow Fashion Season is a clear action we can take today

The challenges offer an opportunity to come together as a crowd and create change. To take a stand in the face of racism and environmental destruction within our clothing systems. 

“We want to show people that there are other solutions - that another lifestyle, or way of consuming is possible. And that doing the right thing doesn’t have to be only boring or painful - it can be fun and creative, especially when supported by our growing community of people all over the world. We can wait for governments, the industry, or other people to act. Or we can set an example with our actions, together.”, Lena Hartog explains, the director of CollAction. 

Last year almost 15.000 people from 128 countries participated in the campaign. This year they will start on the 21st of June, once 25.000 people sign up. 

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy, just go to Slow Fashion Season and click ‘JOIN’. Throughout the 3 months Slow Fashion Season will be sharing tips and tricks for following slow fashion, other actions and challenges you can take, and different online or offline events. 

Who are the organisers of Slow Fashion Season? is the first official crowdacting platform in the world and offers a new solution to collective action problems, like climate change, traffic jams, and plastic pollution. Introduced by CollAction, crowdacting means: “taking action collectively and conditionally with the purpose of achieving a positive impact on the world and its inhabitants''. 

With crowdacting, people commit to taking action when a predetermined target number of people is reached. The concept is very similar to crowdfunding, but people commit to actions, instead of money.

CollAction aims to make the world an even better place by developing and maintaining a platform that facilitates crowdacting: CollAction is a non-profit mostly run by volunteers.

What is the history of Slow Fashion Season?

Two years ago one person had the dream to stop fast fashion and change the fashion industry. They used CollAction’s platform and found 2.500 people to do a ‘Slow Fashion Summer’. In the summer of 2019 it grew to 14,487 people from 128 countries. 

They work with Ambassadors, Partners, Influencers and our participants to educate, engage and ask their communities to take a stand against fast fashion and commit to making conscious fashion choices.

As a consumer, you have the power to change the industry for the better. That is why they are asking you to make conscious fashion choices throughout a 3 month period.

What are conscious choices?

  • Avoid buying from fast fashion brands
  • Trade, upcycle or DIY clothing, 
  • Buy second-hand and vintage
  • Support sustainable, local, small fashion labels who may be struggling due to COVID-19

Are you ready to join?

Commit to change & join

The crowdaction will only start if it reaches its goal by

00:59 on Monday 22 June 2020 (Europe/London timezone).

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