Seller of the Week - Joanna from JoJuZal
May 2020

Joanna lives in Taunton, UK where she creates eco-friendly gifts and everyday essentials from reclaimed materials. 

We caught up with her, to hear how she got started on her journey to save un-loved items from ending up in landfill.

1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a teacher or someone who'd be helping people out.

2. What inspired you to start the business?

It started in an unusual way – from therapy to hobby, from hobby to small business.

I was always the one that pushed myself to the limit and whatever happened, I tried to carry on with my life. I did not stop until last year, when I ended up with depression and anxiety. As a part of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) I was asked to find a creative activity that I could enjoy in the long term. I was always a keen crafter/DIY-er, but I could never concentrate on one thing. 

Then my sewing journey started (big thanks to my friend Louise, who gave me a sewing machine!). It was like a blessing! It really kept me going and at low times gave me the opportunity to concentrate on something that had a purpose – helping my wellbeing and environment at the same time. 

After a few months of teaching myself how to sew bags and household items, I thought that it was the best time to take another step and share my little creations with the world. So here I am now, having created JoJuZal.

3. What do you sell and how is it made sustainably?

All JoJuZal products are made out of reclaimed materials to make sure nothing is wasted. To prevent any unloved items ending up in landfill, I give them a new lease of life as bags, accessories and home decorations. If you're interested in knowing how I source my materials, please have a look at my Seller’s Profile.


4. What’s your favourite thing about being a business owner?

Freedom to design and create bespoke products, as well as the freedom to manage my own time.

5. What’s your productivity secret?

Focusing on one thing at a time, planning ahead and following the set up process.

6. How do you find inspiration?

I quite like to dive into the internet to look at the latest trends, but if it comes to choosing colours and textures, I love to refer back to nature, who is the best artist.

7. What’s your favourite quote?

It must be “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” by C.S Lewis. It applies perfectly to my personal life and business activities.

8. What would you recommend to someone wanting to become an entrepreneur?

It is always worth doing a bit of research first on how to start up the business, but at the same time not to be afraid of failure and making that first step in the right direction. You should always follow your dream and focus on developing your skills.

9. If you had all the money in the world, where would you live?

I would love to go back to my roots, so it would definitely be at the picturesque Masurian Lake District in Poland.

10. What is the dream with JoJuZal?

I hope that one day I can build a recognisable eco friendly designer label. A long way to go, but something to look forward to.

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