How to create a wardrobe that is an extension of your personality
Jul 2020

By Marjolein van de Donk. Published 17.07.2020.

You are not the only one, and you are an individual. 

Sometimes it can feel isolating, when you try to make changes to your wardrobe. You might feel as though you are the only one who cares when your ideas of let’s say, stop shopping, only buying secondhand, or watching a movie that explains about the problems of climate change, are not met by enthusiasm. 

In fact, people that are confronted with your ideas might try and get you to go shopping anyway because you are killing the fun with your ideology. It is easier for them to get you back at their level rather than questioning their habits themselves.

Another reason why it might be difficult to change is when you feel like you are only one. You feel you are alone and changing your personal habits has such a small impact on the planet. The problems are so huge! What impact can one organic t-shirt have on a big scale?

Well, it might be the enormity of the problem that is scaring you into changing, but that is not the main reason why you are changing. You are changing your habits because you, as a person, are changing. And what is going on in your wardrobe is a reflection of who you are.

You used to buy mainstream, at high-street stores that sell relatively cheap clothing with little meaning. In fact, I dare to state that you know the meaning of those items is negative. They all keep the status quo in check, they keep the fashion cheap and the problems persist.

But you no longer want to do this! You no longer resonate with meaningless clothing. You are an extraordinary individual, yet your wardrobe reflects the latest Fast Fashion collections. It doesn’t show who you are. There is a disconnect between you and your second skin that is making your feel like you have nothing to wear. In order to change that, you are looking for meaningful clothing and habits, like buying more sustainably.

What you want is a wardrobe that is filled with items that reflect who you are. Clothing that reflects what is important to you. You want to own items that you can wear with confidence, not because it is the latest fashion, but because it is stay-fashion. You want your wardrobe filled with items that are carefully curated. You want lasting clothes that suit you, not only because of the colour and shape, but also because of their meaning.

You want a wardrobe that is an extension of your personality. 

My name is Marjolein. I help change makers, big and small, express their unique personality through intrinsically motivated clothing choices. I believe there is a mismatch between who we are and what our clothing represents. Why you wear something, the story it tells, is incredibly important. It is the key to building a lasting and inspiring wardrobe. A wardrobe with items you never want to let go of.

The brands that we shop, in general, undermine any attempt at creating a lasting wardrobe. They make sure their items are cheap, so we do not need to think a very long time before buying them. When it is cheap we do not need to think twice either before tossing them. We do not question quality when things are cheap. So when they start to fall apart already after one wash we are okay with that.

In fact I dare say that the system that is “trendy fashion” or the latest fashion is only there to give us the idea that garments are no longer good for us. When things look as though they are last year’s fashion it feels like they have gone bad. There is nothing we can do about that, so we have to throw them out.

Fashion used to be slower. Your grandma might remember her grandma to be wearing long skirts. Every woman during that time wore the same long skirt. (Think about it, tomorrow when you are walking the streets. Everybody was wearing the same shape, what does it look like when really everybody is wearing the same thing? Nothing like now when everything is possible simultaneously…) Over decades, not seasons, the skirts slowly became shorter. Every centimetre was a controversy!

You know that your current habits now, will only create more of the same; a wardrobe that will give you the feeling that you have nothing to wear. If you want a truly personal wardrobe you are going to have to find a truly personal way to get your items. Off the beaten track, challenging the status quo.

I challenge you, and my clients, to change your habits more thoroughly than to just buy sustainably. Because you are already working towards a change, you are in the perfect position to totally shift the way you relate to fashion. It is my mission to make sure you can curate your perfect wardrobe and challenge the status quo confidently.

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