The plastic in our closet and how it’s polluting the planet
Jul 2020

Stop using straws? Check. Use a refillable water bottle? Check. Buy plastic-free produce? Check. We are changing our habits to be more eco-friendly and contribute less to plastic pol...

The greenest tee ever made
Jul 2020

The latest sustainable brand to join the VALYOS community is the B Corporation and Fairtrade certified brand, The Good Tee. They are all about crafting premium quality organic product...

How to create a wardrobe that is an extension of your personality
Jul 2020

Sometimes it can feel isolating, when you try to make changes to your wardrobe. You might feel as though you are the only one who cares when your ideas of let’s say, stop shopping, only buying secondhand, or watching a movie that explains about the problems of climate change, are not met by enthusiasm. 

The appeal of the tiny house movement and how downsizing improves your quality of life
Jul 2020

The tiny house movement may as well be called the path to ultimate minimalism. It is a social and architectural move towards living in a smaller space, with less.  Towards the end of ...

How the end of your life can have an environmentally positive impact
Jul 2020

So many of us are working so hard to begin and maintain a more sustainable life, yet very few of us have considered how environmentally unfriendly our death will be. It’s not a nice topic, not even something most of us want to consider on our own, let alone discuss with others – and yet our choices at this difficult time can have a really positive impact on the planet.

30 ways to eliminate plastic from your life during Plastic Free July
Jul 2020

Avoiding plastic this Plastic Free July, and going forward, might be a crucial time to take the path towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle. As many countries are coming out of lockdown, when our consumption of plastic increased significantly, it is time to re-evaluate the impact of this on the planet and cut back on some of the unnecessary plastic.